Our Happy Bear

Winnie the Pooh woke up one day, and he didn't quite feel himself. He didn't feel like such a happy bear. This even made him skip his stretches for the day.
He went outside and Piglet was right there waiting for him. "I'll grab you some honey!" Piglet said aggressively. "I'll get it right now!" And he charged off into the distance, leapt up to a beehive, slammed it down to the ground, and took out its honey. "Here you go, Pooh!"
Pooh took the honey, but for some reason he was still not a happy bear. This was when Eeeyore showed up. "Top of the mornin' to ya," Eeyore said cheerfully.
"Piglet is so brave and Eeyore is so cheerful," Pooh said to himself. "Things are not the way they were."
That was when Rabbit showed up and offered everyone some carrots. "They're fresh!" he said kindly. "Just plucked from the garden!"
"I hope you're having a good day, Rabbit," Eeyore said with a smile. "The weather is lovely."
"Oh, bother," Pooh said, tapping his head in thought.
"Let's go on an adventure!" Piglet said furiously. "Let's travel the Hundred Acre Wood and find all its secrets!"
Christopher Robin showed up next, pushed Winnie the Pooh to the floor, and laughed. "What fun!" Christopher Robin said maniacally.
"Oh, bother," Pooh said again, lying on the floor. "I am not a happy bear."
"Who else can I push around? Who's next?" Christopher Robin said with a grin.
"I'll take you on!" Piglet said, jumping toward him. Christopher jumped toward Piglet, and the fight began.
"This is all wrong," Winnie the Pooh said sadly, the least happy bear in all the woods.
"What's all wrong, buddy?" Rabbit said, putting an arm around Pooh's shoulder.
"Everything," Pooh said.
"Everything feels right to me!" Eeyore said.
"That's the problem," Pooh said.
Piglet was on the ground, bruised, and Christopher Robin was standing over him with his foot on him, raising his arms in victory.
"How could this be?" Pooh said, scared. "Perhaps a little something to eat will balance things out." He went into his house to get some honey, but all he could find was blueberries--jars and jars of blueberries! "I've never had a blueberry before," Pooh said curiously. He took a handful and tried them out. "Blueberries are not like honey at all," Pooh said mournfully.
Christopher charged into Pooh's house and started eating all of his blueberries. "Thanks, Pooh!" he said, his face covered in blueberry. When he finished eating all of the blueberries, he gave Pooh a little shove and left his house. Pooh was certaintly not a happy bear. Not one bit. Pooh went out of his house and found Rabbit Eeyore happily conversing, and Christopher Robin had Piglet in a chokehold.
Then Owl showed up. "What was your name again?" Owl asked Pooh. "Remembering things hurts my head. You're Winnie the what?"
Pooh looked at Owl curiously then reluctantly answered. "Pooh," he said softly. "Pooh," Owl repeated. "What a funny name. It reminds me of funny things."
"I see," Pooh said susipiciously. His tummy rumbled. "I really could go for some blueberries right about now. Do you know where I could find some, Owl?
"I don't know much of anything," he said, scratching his head.
Pooh wondered if he would ever be a happy bear again. "Think, think, think..." he said in deep thought, tapping his head again and again with each 'think.' And then he thought of something. "This can't be real," he muttered. "None of this is real. So how do I make things real again?" he asked himself thoughtfully. "I'll have to do things one at a time."
He started with Christopher Robin. He went over to him and Piglet, where Christopher Robin was giving Piglet a noogie. "Do you want to feel good?" Winnie the Pooh asked Christopher Robin.
"Sure do!" Christopher answered, driving his knuckles deeper into the squirming Piglet's head.
"Then I suggest you try to do something nice," Pooh said politely.
"Something nice?" Christopher Robin said in disgust. "Why would I do that?"
"Just try it," Pooh said. "Give Piglet a hug. If you want to feel real good. Real, real good." He winked at him.
Christopher Robin gave Piglet a hug, and both their faces lit up. "That does feel good!" Christopher Robin said.
"It d-does," said Piglet, shivering. "And I don't think I feel so b-b-brave after that fight."
"It's okay, Piglet," Christopher Robin said, patting him on the head. "I'll protect you."
Next, Pooh had to deal with Rabbit and Eeyore.
"Come with me, Rabbit," Pooh said politely.
"Happily," Rabbit said.
Pooh took him to Rabbit's garden where he started to ruin his garden.
"What are you doing?" Rabbit asked in dismay. "This isn't very nice at all!"
Pooh continued to smash Rabbit's vegatables.
"Hey, now, you stop that right away!" Rabbit yelled, shooing him away.
Pooh ran away, leaving the fuming Rabbit behind so he could go talk to Eeyore.
"Come with me, Eeyore," Pooh said politely.
"Happily," Eeyore said.
Pooh took Eeyore to Eeyore's house of sticks, and he knocked it down.
"Looks like I'll have to rebuild that!" Eeyore said optimistically, starting to rebuild it. As he built it, just as he was finishing, Pooh knocked it down again. "Again?" Eeyore said. "I'm starting to feel a little down. Maybe I'll rebuild it later."
Lastly, Pooh had to talk to Owl. First, he went to Owl's house to get a pile of books. Next, he found Owl hanging upside down from a tree and called to him. "Yes, Pooh? Owl said.
"Please, Owl, will you do me a favor?" Pooh asked.
"I probably won't be able to do it, but I will certaintly give it a try," he said.
"Will you please read these books?" He handed Owl the pile of books and left him alone with them.
By now he was feeling rather sleepy. But he had one last thing to fix. He had to find some honey. He found a beehive, climbed up the tree, and retrieved some honey. He closed his eyes and ate it. "Delicious!" Pooh said.
He sighed in relief. Everything was back to normal, and Pooh was our happy bear again.

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